• Baker University is committed to assuring student learning, and developing confident, competent and responsible contributors to society.

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Board of Trustees

Upon its inception in 1858, the founders of Baker University deemed that the University be governed by an overseeing body of no more than 32 members. Today, the Baker University Board of Trustees remains the highest governing body of the University, meeting three times annually to approve University programs, budgets, faculty promotions and deferment of degrees to graduates. The Board of Trustees is made up of civic, professional and spiritual leaders elected by the annual conference of the United Methodist Church. Trustees are elected to four-year terms and can serve no more than two consecutive terms.

Baker University Board of Trustees

University Officers

The University president presides over the cabinet of University officers. These officers work year-round to oversee the everyday operation of the University and plan improvements to Baker's learning and living environments. The president and officers serve as the liaison between the University community and the Board of Trustees.

Baker University Officers