Mission & Educational Goals

School of Professional & Graduate Studies


Baker University School of Professional and Graduate Studies offers innovative educational opportunities that meet adults' lifelong learning needs, while developing confident, competent, and responsible societal contributors. The school also commits to growth and high-quality academic standards.

Educational Goals

The School of Professional and Graduate Studies, operating within the framework of the Baker University institutional mission, provides opportunities for adult students to pursue undergraduate and graduate degrees in a nontraditional setting. Recognizing that the need for formal learning continues throughout life, Baker seeks to serve the needs of students by offering educational programs in liberal arts and professional studies. The goals of Baker University School of Professional and Graduate Studies are as follows:

  • Extending opportunities for higher education to individuals whose occupations, family responsibilities or personal preferences impede their ability to enroll in traditional campus-based programs.
  • Providing programs for degree completion that require mastery of learning outcomes.
  • Equipping students with skills that enhance personal and professional development, including skills in written and oral communication, problem solving, group interaction and decision making.
  • Providing curricula that draw upon theories, knowledge and resources from all relevant disciplines.
  • Furnishing educational opportunities for a variety of professional careers and extending the range of career choices for students.
  • Fostering academic excellence in professional and graduate endeavors.
  • Providing learning experiences that encourage critical thinking, analytical reading and quantitative reasoning.
  • Providing an educational curriculum that encourages commitment to ethical values, social issues and environmental concerns.
  • Exposing students to learning experiences that promote awareness of the international community.
  • Offering opportunities for exploration and understanding of applied Christian principles in a professional environment.