• Baker University is committed to assuring student learning, and developing confident, competent and responsible contributors to society.

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Focused Vision | Visioning Our Future

Building on Our History

The first University in Kansas began with a vision: to light the lamp of knowledge in every individual regardless of gender or race so that they inspire and lead others by their contributions. In 1858, 13 Methodist ministers defied the odds and forged a university out of a rough Kansas prairie. They built their dream stone by stone, student by student, building upon building and now city after city as Baker’s vision forges partnerships across regional and international boundaries.

Sustaining for the Future

As the 21st century gains momentum, we continue to build on Baker’s great vision. The first members of Baker’s Board of Trustees were astute in their planning when they passed a resolution stating: "[we are] resolved that this conference pledge its best efforts to build up and sustain Baker University as the one great university in Kansas." Our aim is to define and intensify our core strengths while fulfilling the promise of our mission so we may provide the academic and professional skills our students need to become confident, competent and responsible contributors to society.

Together, our faculty, staff and administration will lead and sustain an academy of learners by developing model and innovative programs that are distinctive, relevant and vital to maintaining our pledge of a comprehensive educational experience. The University’s fundamental principles create a shared set of values that strengthen the goals and academic focus of each of our schools to instill lifelong learning and civic responsibility whether through the promise of a liberal arts education or professional and advanced-degree programs.

Focused Vision

Building on its heritage, Baker University will expand its academic presence as a first-choice institution by inspiring students to gain knowledge, perspective and compassion so they may contribute meaningfully to an increasingly complex, interdependent and global society.

Baker will continue to build on the collective power and distinctive missions of our four schools by focusing on the following:

B – Buildings, Facilities, Grounds & Technology

Maintaining facilities that are inviting and pristine with contemporary tools for student engagement and innovative teaching experiences.

A – Academics

Distinctive, relevant and high-quality academic programs, taught by our passionate, devoted and inspiring faculty who motivate students to become engaged citizens of the world.

K – Key Focus: Serving Our Students

Respectful and caring faculty and staff who place a priority on the needs and best interests of students.

Unique and value-added student engagement opportunities, activities and experiences intentionally designed to encourage team interaction, service to others, communication among diverse populations, and personal and spiritual well being.

E – Enrollment Growth

Admission, enrollment and retention opportunities are maximized for a diverse student population based on careful planning and programming to allow all students to successfully complete their degrees.

R – Resources

Financial and human resources to support the continuous improvement of the academic, social and culturally diverse foundations of the institution.

Forward Together

As we continue to build on Baker University’s history and heritage, our focused vision and direction provide a road map for continuing to meet our pledge of an outstanding educational experience. Like our Methodist founders, we face both challenges and opportunities that will require renewed courage, candid conversations and creative solutions developed by a genuine community of learners. The journey begins now and together we will build our future.