College of Arts Sciences | Undergraduate School of Education

I. Institutional and Financial Assistance Information for Students

  1. Financial assistance information
  2. Student rights and responsibilities as a financial aid recipient – Course catalog, pages 27-29
  3. Student on-campus employment terms and conditions:
    1. Course catalog, page 29
    2. Federal and state financial aid
    3. pdfStudent handbook, page 8
  4. Cost of attendance:
    1. Course catalog, pages 22-24
    2. Tuition and fees
  5. Procedures for withdrawing from Baker University, refund policy, return of Title IV funds:
    1. Course catalog, pages 24-25
    2. pdfStudent handbook, pages 8-9
  6. Academic program information and accreditation details:
    1. Academics
    2. Course catalog, numerous pages, accreditation specifics on page 2
    3. Accreditation
  7. Services for students with disabilities:
    1. pdfStudent handbook, page 5
    2. Course catalog, page 36
  8. Required statement about applicability of Title IV aid to study abroad programs:
    1. Study abroad
    2. Course catalog, page 38
  9. Preprofessional programs
  10. Policies related to copyright infringement, plagiarism, and unauthorized peer-to-peer file sharing: pdfStudent handbook, pages 17-18 and 31
  11. Transfer credit policies and articulation agreements
  12. Vaccination policies
  13. Net price calculator
  14. Student body diversity: University Fact Book
  15. ISBN and price for all required or recommended textbooks
  16. NCATE/PEDS report
  17. Voter registration information

II. Drug & Alcohol Prevention

See pdfStudent handbook including pages 11-12, 19-21, 26-28, 32-34, 39, and 46.

III. Consumer Information for Student Athletes

Title IX Annual Report

IV. Student Right-to-Know Act

Completion and graduation rates of degree-seeking, first-time, full-time undergraduate students, and employment or graduate school placement rates of graduates:

  1. Fact Book
  2. Graduate survey facts

V. Clery/Campus Security Act and Fire Safety Reports on Student Housing

  1. Campus safety and fire reports
  2. pdfStudent handbook, page 32

VI. FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act)

FERPA Statement

VII. Safeguarding Customer Information