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Baker Athletics Internship Program

The Baker Department of Athletics is committed to offering a meaningful internship experience to qualified candidates. A Baker internship prepares future administrators with the skills needed to perform in a professional setting while gaining knowledge in all areas of athletics. Interns have served as tremendous resources to the Athletics Department and actively contribute to the success of our program.

In many cases, inters are able to earn credit towards their undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Most internships coincide with the academic year, but there are instances when summer interns are needed. The fall and spring semesters are typically 5 month durations, provide at least 40 hours per weeks, and recognize holidays and institutional breaks.

Career development is a large component of a Baker internship. Not only do interns have the opportunity to add a wide variety of experience to their resume, but they also receive mentorship to ensure they are prepared to enter the professional world.

Our interns have served as tremendous resources for the Athletics Department and many former interns have gone on to become successful in collegiate and professional athletics.

What They're Saying...

"My internship at Baker prepared me for a career in athletics because it gave me insight into every area of an athletic department. I was involved with ticket sales, promotions, compliance, facilities management, and interacting with every team's coaching staff at Baker. I think this has given me an understanding of how each department works, and because of this, I can better communicate and coordinate with each department here at Marquette. I also think this is what sets an internship at Baker apart from other internships. The exposure you get to each department is great, and was helpful in deciding which aspect of athletics I enjoyed, and which department I would like to pursue a career in."

- Patrick Salsbury, 2012 Intern
Current: Ticket Office Assistant
Marquette Athletics

"My experience with Baker Athletics was the launching point of my career in collegiate athletics. The administrators in the department immersed me in several different advancement opportunities that ranged from facilities management and game operations to marketing and student services. Baker Athletics is a highly collaborative department that encourages interns to take active leadership roles and to make confident decisions.

My experience was unique in that I was given the lead to revitalize the hall of fame rotunda in Collins Gymnasium. This task brought me out of my comfort zone at times, but helped me develop as a professional and as a person. Throughout the entire internship, Andrew acted as a mentor to me and we regularly engaged in "knowledge transfer" sessions. During these knowledge transfers we discussed different issues an athletic administrator is faced with and he answered any questions I had. This one-one-one time was invaluable, as it not only gave me more practical knowledge in athletics but my ability to critically evaluate situations also drastically improved.

I can confidently say that the short time I spent interning at Baker Athletics has been the most impactful experience of my professional life. Even after my internship had ended, Theresa and Andrew still met with me regularly to discuss my career ambitions and ensure that I was ready for the next step in my professional career. The connections I made with Baker Athletics administrators and the experiences I was involved in during my internship is what led to my job at the NAIA. It is the department's willingness to go the extra mile for their interns, as well as the collaborative environment that make this internship the perfect opportunity for anyone looking to work in athletics."

- Nathan Byarlay, 2012 Intern
Current: Champions Intern
National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics

"Baker Athletics was a well-rounded experience that gave me skills that are invaluable in the field of sports. Interns at Baker have the opportunity to be part of all aspects of the athletics department. I'm convinced that my future success in sport or business will be directly contributed to my time at Baker. If you have the wonderful opportunity to work here, be sure to be ready to work hard and you will receive experiences and relationships that will last a lifetime!"

- Tim Giblin, 2010 Intern
Current: Graduate Assistant - Facility/Events
Kansas Athletics Inc.

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