From the Arbor | News for June from Jerry Weakley

I hope that wherever you it is as gorgeous a day as it is here . . . and, it’s about time. It seems that we have had an unusually long and severe winter, followed by a cool and overly wet spring with numerous storms and severe weather. Now at the end of the first full week, we have a full-blown heatwave!


From the Arbor | News for April & May from Jerry Weakley

I would like to invite you to join with the Wandering Wildcats on their next travel adventure scheduled for June 17-29, 2012. We will cruise the Adriatic and Mediterranean again…but this time with stops both in Turkey and several in Greece. The trip begins with a flight to Venice.

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From the Arbor | News for March from Jerry Weakley

I usually don’t report deaths in the Arbor, but this month the Baker community experienced two sad occurrences that I’d like to bring to your collective attention.

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From the Arbor | News for February from Jerry Weakley

The 2012 Wandering Wildcats trip will be a cruise of the Greek Islands and at least one stop in Turkey. Make plans to to join us on this memorable trip. Also in this issue: enrollment trends, alumni giving trends, Baker’s tie to the Super Bowl champions, wrestling update and more.

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From the Arbor | News for January from Jerry Weakley

I certainly hope that each of you found time to enjoy holiday hours with friends and family this Christmas. In 2011 let’s hope for peace in our universe, some sustained growth in many of the sectors of the economy and fewer campaign ads!

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From the Arbor | News for December from Jerry Weakley

As we prepare for the upcoming holidays much has been going on (and will be) on our several campuses before we take a few blessed days off. I hope that even as busy as you are that you will be able to find a few unrushed moments in which you can sit, relax and enjoy this issue of the Arbor.

Football Reunion

From the Arbor | News for November from Jerry Weakley

This year we had a most memorable Homecoming celebration that included not only the annual induction of six great athletes and coaches into the Athletic Hall of Fame and a gathering of more than 100 former football players in honor of Baker’s 120th year of playing football but also wins by the football team and the women’s and men’s soccer teams.

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From the Arbor | News for October from Jerry Weakley

It’s full steam ahead on all campuses as we march fully toward the middle of the fall semester. It’s also time for the annual Maple Leaf Festival in Baldwin City, which attracts many former Baker students and provides a great time to catch up with everyone.

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From the Arbor | News for September from Jerry Weakley

Ideas for stories in the Arbor come from many sources. If there is something that you would like to know more about or want covered in an upcoming issue, please communicate that to me in one form or another, and I will consider all the ideas I receive.

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From the Arbor | News for August from Jerry Weakley

It’s rare now that I have reached the age of 60+ that I recall with great certainty or clarity any classroom material from my days as a student on the Baldwin City campus. But, this summer while on an extended car trip to the Gulf Coast and farther down into Florida, one of the class subjects that I had studied at Baker came roaring back to mind.