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students on campusAs I drove to the Baldwin City campus just before our Labor Day weekend I began rolling over in my mind the various articles and notes that I thought might be important to include in this issue of the Arbor. In the process of those 40 minutes behind the wheel I made a few mental notes of items that had crossed my desk since last month or that I had become aware of through other forms of communication, and it suddenly became difficult to distinguish between the important and the somewhat less than important news notes I should include in September.

As with any start-up of a school year I have received hundreds of e-mails and notes indicating tryouts for upcoming productions of the theatre department; times, dates and places for athletic competition; art department shows; music department performances, Greek-related activities and news; new research and papers being presented by members of the faculty at local, national and international forums; honors and awards that have been announced regarding the University as a whole or in regard to members of the faculty or the University’s various student bodies and other important and not so important information that streams into my computer’s in-box or perhaps is even written in chalk on the Baldwin City campus sidewalks.

In fact, when I thought of all the sources I use to gather information for this publication it is nearly as lengthy as the number and types of activities. While some of the articles and notes I include are straight out of my own experience or head and are totally original, others are gleaned from conversations, meetings, speeches, an all-University campus publication The Maples, the student newspaper, the Baker Orange or University-wide e-blasts. Other story ideas come from local newspapers, the Baldwin City Signal and the Lawrence Journal-World, while some are now beginning to even be derived from Baker’s official Facebook site! Several stories and picture ideas have and will continue to come from you, the reader. (Perhaps this is a roundabout way to clear up my own conscience from having utilized a story idea or two without previously citing sources!)

The bottom line to all of this is as always, if there is something that you would like to know more about or want covered in an upcoming issue, please communicate that to me in one form or another. As with comments and replies, I most likely won’t be able to use everything I receive, but I will at least consider all the ideas you present.

I have been so pleased to have heard from literally hundreds of readers through the last several years and have enjoyed, and in several cases, learned both about the English language and its proper use as well as numerous historic items related to our school. In any case, I do want to be responsive to your thoughts and desires and make this communication device as effective, efficient and entertaining as possible.

If you are aware of a former student or graduate who is not receiving From the Arbor but who has an e-mail address, send it to me at and I will add it to the other 7,800-plus individuals who currently receive it each month.

Access this month’s edition. I hope you will enjoy it and that something you read in it will cause you to become further engaged with Baker!

Jerry Weakley ’70/MBA ‘92

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