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Charles Agro addresses graduates at the winter 2010 commencement ceremony.

Charles Agro, 1979, addresses undergraduates from the College of Arts and Sciences, School of Nursing, School of Education and School of Professional and Graduate Studies at the December commencement ceremony.

I certainly hope that each of you found time to enjoy holiday hours with friends and family this Christmas. I also hope you found, as I did, some new energy from what was another hectic year in 2010! (I think they all are now aren’t they?) In 2011 let’s hope for peace in our universe, some sustained growth in many of the sectors of the economy and fewer campaign ads!

Going back to the last week of the fall semester I felt like a proud parent as I sat in Collins Gym listening to two alumni whom I have known from almost day one of my Baker professional career as they returned to their campus and offered insight and challenges to our December graduates. I hope you will read further about the careers and the remarks that both Jeffrey Magee, 1986, and Charles Agro, 1979, made at that time that I have attempted to capture inside this issue.

Inside this issue you will also read about the women’s soccer team reaching the national soccer tournament, about our newly named Director of Athletics, Theresa Yetmar, 2002/2006, and lots of other newsy notes and fun trivia questions and answers.

Stayed tuned next month as I plan to divulge the NEXT destination for anyone who would like to travel with Baker’s erstwhile travel group, the Wandering Wildcats. What? You want a hint??? Well, OK! Think of strikingly white buildings with red (and sometimes blue) roofs all framed by a backdrop of deep blue translucent water. That should just about give it away!

Access this month’s edition of the Arbor. I hope you will find several items within that will inform, entertain or re-engage you!

Jerry Weakley 1970/MBA 1992

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