Pat’s Pride

I am excited about the beginning of the fall semester. It is always exhilarating to feel the energy and anticipation surrounding a new school year. I was with my parents a few weeks ago—they are in their 80s—and they were asking about when “school” started again. We then began taking a journey down memory lane about the good times we had shopping and preparing for a new school year. Our conversation reminded me that early in my life, the beginning of a new school year signaled a time of anticipation, of opportunity and hope, and perhaps some anxiety. Those feelings continue today. I am anticipating a successful year with much hope for the opportunities we have in front of us, and yes, I also know we will face challenges along the way. I am confident that together we will move forward and become an even better institution.

One of those challenges and opportunities for me personally is serving as the Interim Athletic Director this year. As an athlete in high school and college, I have always loved all sports. I also understand the challenges of being a student-athlete and have great respect for how hard coaches work in building a team and inspiring students to succeed in the classroom and on the “court.” I am looking forward to learning from our outstanding coaches and staff and am counting on the leadership of Associate Directors Theresa Yetmar and Mike Grossner (head football coach). As the semester continues, I will keep you posted on the “score” of taking on this new responsibility. In the meantime, check out our various sport schedules for the fall semester on the Baker Athletics Web site, and I hope to see you at a game.

Pat’s Pride is an ongoing message from Baker University President Pat Long. Watch for periodic updates.

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