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As I begin this issue of the Arbor, I just looked back to what I had written in the January issue and found that I forgot to write on a specific topic as promised a month ago. Therefore, and without further ado, let me start by saying that the 2012 Wandering Wildcats trip will be a cruise that will include the Greek Islands and at least one stop in Turkey. This is the trip that finished second in the alumni travel survey I conducted three years ago in which Alaska (our 2011 trip) finished first.

Several of the largest cruise companies have yet to set a firm schedule for June of 2012, and I am waiting for those before choosing a specific company or a specific itinerary. Some of the cruise companies offer itineraries that also include starting or stopping in either Rome or Venice, and some have stops in Dubrovnik or Split, Croatia. I will look for a cruise that hits as many ports within this region as possible and that fits generally in the middle of June to the end of the month with a 10- to 12-day cruise. We will potentially do an optional “add-on” to the front end or at the completion of the cruise in the city in which we begin or end.

Now you know more or less where and when we are going, so the rest is up to you. Make plans now to join President Long and her husband, Dennis, other University representatives and a number of fun Baker alumni and former students for what will surely be a trip of a lifetime! This trip, as are all Wandering Wildcats adventures, will be open to anyone . . . so feel free to invite your own friends or relatives.

In the February Arbor you will read about Baker’s new Liberal Studies program that is just now underway. Also you will find stories about the University’s recent enrollment trends, the current size of Baker’s Greek organizations and a listing of the top 10 national colleges and universities with respect to alumni giving and how Baker compares to those institutions. There is a follow-up article on Coach Mike McCarthy, ’87, head football coach of the Green Bay Packers (we’ve collected links to articles and news coverage he received before and after the Super Bowl game), and short articles on the winter meeting of the Board of Trustees and a national ranking for Baker’s wrestling program.

The final page, as always, is set aside to discuss issues related to the endowment and to Planned Giving to the University. This article specifically deals with unrestricted endowment and making current or planned gifts by way of paid-up life insurance policies.

Access this month’s edition of the Arbor. I hope you will find several items within that will inform, entertain or re-engage you!

Jerry Weakley 1970/MBA 1992

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