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From time to time I receive notices and obituaries of alumni and former students who have passed away from those of you who read the Arbor. I certainly appreciate you taking the time to notify me, and I always make sure that I forward the information on to the Alumni Office and all others in the University who should have the information.

It has, however, been my conscious decision over the course of the past nine-plus years that I have written and edited the Arbor to keep it separate in as many ways as possible from its older and larger brother, the Baker World. The Baker World is, and shall remain, the official recorder of news regarding alumni and former students, including news of deaths, births, and so on.

From time to time I do feel the need to break with that unwritten tradition and bring to your collective attention news of such nature that I feel is appropriate and timely. As I begin this month’s edition I will invoke that editorial privilege to bring news of two such sad occurrences.

Known as a regular visitor at the Harter Union cafeteria, Collins Library and Baker University archives late in his life, Dr. Harold Kolling was a fixture on the Baldwin City campus for more than 30 years. Dr. Kolling passed away on Feb. 18 at age 90.

He was highly regarded for his vast historical knowledge of Baker University and his interesting tales and insights into life’s details that he shared with friends and those who stopped by for a visit or to share mealtime with him. He was named University Historian in 1978 by President Jerald C. Walker to compile and author a history of Baker. Two years later, he was named to serve as historian and curator of the Methodist collection, the Kansas Collection and the Lincoln Collection. During his many years on campus he befriended hundreds of students and members of the staff and faculty and remained in touch with many of them through the years. Alumni and friends are invited to join the University at a remembrance service for Dr. Kolling at 4 p.m. Friday, March 25 at Osborne Chapel.

Read more and share your memories of Dr. Kolling.

About two weeks ago the entire nation was terribly saddened to learn of the untimely death of a 16-year-old basketball player from Michigan, Wes Leonard. The young man who was a star and team leader hit the winning basket in the final game of the regular season to keep his high school team undefeated for the season. Just moments after hitting that shot he suffered massive heart failure on the court and died. This tragedy certainly hit home for all of us at Baker as Wes’ mother, Jocelyn Stahl Leonard, is a CAS alumna of the class of 1988 and his father, Gary, is from Baldwin City. On behalf of the entire University I want to express our profound condolences to Jocelyn and Gary and all of Wes’ family and friends.

Access this month’s edition of the Arbor. I hope you will find something in it that will inform, entertain or further engage you with our University!

Jerry Weakley, 1970/MBA 1992

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  1. John & Lois Albright says:

    Just had a marvelous morning reading the Dec-March Arbors.
    We had chnged providers in Nov. & didn’t get everyone notified–but we still had Baker in our “favorites” list.

    The distance, time age & $s keep us from making the trip to Baldwin– But we do like to know what is going on there and appreciate the way you do that. John