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Well, I guess I learned better than to complain about the “heat” we experienced in this part of the country in my opening letter from last month. Shortly after the Arbor was received by some of our good folk who live in the Lone Star state, I was informed that they had put up with upwards of 50 days or more of 100-degree heat to that point this summer. That just proves the point that we should “walk a mile in someone else’s shoes before complaining!”

On the Baldwin City campus and in Topeka at the School of Nursing, excitement abounds as students appear as they have since 1858 (at least in Baldwin City) to begin classes. At CAS, students wishing to look over the Greek houses are involved not only with the start of classes and various sports, music, theater and other activities but also with recruitment. There is no word yet on how many students are taking part in recruitment, but I will report in the October issue the results and the numbers of students pledging. I will also report full University-wide enrollment in that same issue.

In Overland Park, Wichita and North Kansas City, the typical fall start-up of classes is a little different. Most of the students involved in course work at those campuses through the Graduate School of Education and School for Professional and Graduate Studies have classes that continue through the summer, with little or no letup. This is the same for students enrolled in online classes. In a future Arbor I will attempt to focus in on the online classes now being offered by Baker.

Thanks to the many alumni who have had the continuing confidence in this University to send us one (or more) of their children. I have seen a list of names of incoming freshmen and there are several familiar names from my 34 years here. I look forward to meeting these new students and to see you, the parents, when you come to visit. Even if you don’t have a child to send just now but would like to become involved with recruiting outstanding students to Baker, there are details inside this issue on how you can help join with the Office of Admission to do just that. I hope many of you will join us in this new effort! Find out more.

Access the current issue of the Arbor. I hope you will find something in it that will inform, entertain or further engage you with our University.

Jerry Weakley, 1970/MBA 1992

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