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Fall at Baker

Nearly behind us now for another year are the gorgeous fall colors scattered about the Baldwin City campus and general area. Fall, as we have known it in the past, came just a bit later this year. Based on research largely conducted by former biology professor Dr. Ivan Boyd, the Maple Leaf Festival was permanently set for the third full weekend in the month of October.

More recently, it has been my observation that the trees on the Baldwin campus and in the area in general more often than not persist and maintain significant color well into November. Such is the case this year. As I stare out my garden-level window in old Parmenter Hall on a day full of mist, rain and fog, the trees are still vibrant and add a dash of a painter’s pallet to an otherwise dreary afternoon.

As noted in the full issue of this month’s Arbor, the Higher Learning Commission’s campus visit is under way. Five peer evaluators representing a broad spectrum of higher education institutions are spending three days in meetings and conversations with representatives of virtually every administrative and academic department on all four of Baker’s campuses. My personal take on the portion of the meetings that I have attended is that the team members have been impressed with what they have seen and learned. Their written findings will be returned to the University for its review in December. The final written report from the HLC is due in late winter.

In the final preparation stage for their visit, it was pointed out by another visiting group from the Institute for Professional Development that it seemed to them that we don’t brag enough on all our accomplishments. They suggested coming up with  monthly BOBs (Bragging on Baker) and use them in a variety of ways. The following are three of the most recent:

  • The School of Nursing had a 100% pass rate for 2011 grads in the NCLEX.
  • Baker completed the 2010-11 fiscal year with revenues over expenses.
  • Our greatest source of prospective-student referrals is our alumni.

Inside this issue of the Arbor you will note additional BOBs. We have certainly been blessed with a number of good things coming our way over the past few months and years. I hope you will enjoy reading about those and the other articles I have written and assembled for your inspection this month. Hopefully something you see within will draw you ever closer to Baker.

I hope you will enjoy this newest issue!

Jerry Weakley, 1970/MBA 1992

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