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Snow on Taft Bridge

The Baldwin City campus under a blanket of snow.

It’s that wonderful time of the year, both in song and in actuality, here on the Baldwin City campus; our CAS, SON and SOE students are preparing for finals (and some for graduation) at the end of the semester. Our SPGS students continue to believe that they are the toughest students at Baker because they don’t get to enjoy the same break at the end of a traditional semester. (Having been through the SPGS MBA program, I almost have to agree with them!)

As we prepare for the upcoming holidays, much has been happening on our several campuses before we take a few blessed days off. I hope you will be able to find a few unrushed moments in which you can sit quietly and enjoy this issue of the Arbor and all the good things you enjoy in your life.

Speaking of unrushed moments, I experienced a few of those during the just completed Thanksgiving break. In such a moment I found myself contemplating all the good things that we enjoy at Baker for which we are most thankful. And, as you may have guessed, I made a list of some the items that came to my mind to share with you.

  • For our talented and committed combined faculty, staff, administration and president
  • For having received the maximum period of reaccreditation for the University (read more about this inside this issue)
  • For having met our budgetary goals the last two years and for being on target again
  • For engaged and supportive alumni, friends and donors
  • For the promise that our expanded and upgraded science building holds for the University, due in large part to the vision and support of a select group of anonymous alumni donors
  • For bright and talented students that represent Baker so very well while on campus and following graduation
  • For dedicated coaches, teachers, student-athletes, and music, theater and speech students who bring excitement, entertainment and life to our campuses
  • For Board of Trustees members who are unafraid to roll up their sleeves, work diligently and make tough decisions, all of which will make this a GREAT University
  • For the beauty of the Baldwin City campus—particularly on a cold, crisp winter day after our first snow of the year
  • And for so much more. I could go on for a long time!

In fact, there were so many, that I feel that we as the University perhaps should feel ashamed if we ask Santa for anything at all this Christmas. (But, we will anyway!)

If by chance you know of someone who is not receiving the Arbor, forward their email to me at and I will get them on the list for next year.

I hope you will find something in this issue of the Arbor that will inform, entertain or further engage you with our University. There are lots of opportunities to respond . . . and I hope you will!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Jerry Weakley, 1970/MBA 1992

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