ZTA celebrates 100 years

The 2012 Alumni Weekend will be special for Zeta Tau Alpha current members and alumnae as they celebrate 100 years on Baker’s campus.

To learn more about the history of the chapter, Milan Piva, Zeta Tau Alpha chapter president, has been looking through old pictures of her sorority house, from the time when the rest of the campus was just dirt roads.

Although the Baker campus has evolved and the chapter has built a new house, the sorority members have maintained the same values.

“The traditions and the sisterhood are all the same,” Piva said. “The stories just make the girls want to improve the chapter so much more.”

Learning more about the chapter’s history while helping to plan the celebration has encouraged Piva to strive to continue moving the sorority forward. This year, Zeta Tau Alpha met its recruiting quota and doubled the money it raised for its philanthropy from the past several years.

“It definitely shows just how strong it is being here for 100 years. Not only on a local level, but also on a national level,” Piva said.

The centennial celebration will take place May 19. The chapter will create a brick sidewalk, which will connect Eighth Street and the existing sidewalk outside Owens Musical Arts Building. The sidewalk will be dedicated to the women of Zeta Tau Alpha. Alumnae may purchase a brick engraved with their name and graduation year.

After a successful 100th year on campus, Piva envisions the chapter remaining an important part of Baker’s Greek community far into the future.

“I definitely believe that as long as Baker Greek life continues to be strong there will be a Zeta Tau Alpha,” she said.

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  1. Linda South says:

    Looking forward to our Centennial Celebration!