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Fall at Baker

As I made my drive to the Baldwin campus it was visually apparent that autumn is right on target again this year. Many years ago, Dr. Ivan Boyd’s research led to the theory that the height of the color of our hardwood trees in this area is centered on the third week of  October. That ultimately had a lot to do with scheduling the annual Maple Leaf Festival on the third weekend of this month each year (held the 19-21 this year). It’s always reassuring to see that nature continues to follow its natural course, year in and year out . . . in spite of the drought and extreme heat conditions of this past summer!

Now, on to the subject of this cover letter to the Arbor. I often hear from those of you who believe that I include a little more news of athletics than you would prefer. Please believe me when I say that I understand that university life is much more than just athletics. But, that having been said, I really wish those that hold an opinion similar to that just mentioned could have attended the just recently completed Athletic Hall of Fame Induction and Student-Athlete Awards Banquet.

For the second consecutive year, Baker combined these two formerly separate banquets into one special evening, blending athletes from the current University with those who passed through at an earlier time. The names of those inducted into the Athletic Hall of Fame that evening are listed in the Arbor, so these thoughts concern more the current student-athletes that were honored that night.

Eighty-two Baker students received designation as NAIA Scholar Athletes, first team all-conference in their individual sport or as NAIA All-Americans. This is an incredible number of outstanding student-athlete achievements! The Baker football team alone had the third most Scholar Athletes of any NAIA institution in the nation!

As the 57 students who were able to attend the banquet made their trek across the stage with an accompanying video and slides heralding their individual achievements, not only in athletics but also in all they have accomplished, I was deeply impressed and inspired. I came away from the evening with the thought that we as an institution are indeed blessed by these outstanding individual students—athletes or not!

It was expressed in the current issue of the Baker Orange that the students attending that evening came away better able to envision themselves as potential Hall of Famers. But in my estimate, the students who were honored that night are already Hall of Famers in so many important ways!

Access the current issue of the Arbor. I hope you will enjoy it and find something within that will entertain, inform or engage you with Baker!

Jerry Weakley, ’70, MBA ’92

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