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Electronic communication is so much a current way of life that I rarely pause to think about the other important considerations of how this publication is transmitted once I finish my portion of writing and assembling the articles. The fact is that  several other people are involved in getting the Arbor onto the screen of whatever device you chose to read it on.

Every month I get a question or two about how this all comes together, and I have even had one alumnus, name withheld (class of 1956-DTD, lives in Arizona), not entirely believe me when I told him I REALLY do write and edit the entire Arbor that he receives each month. So I thought I would provide additional detail about how this special newsletter comes together every month in case you have interest.

As I attend meetings, receive internal communications and review other University communications I make note of items that I think might inform or be of interest to readers. Because I also receive 30 to 40 notes and replies from readers every month, these can produce other ideas to explore and present. These all come together to provide inspiration and material for the upcoming issue.

After I write the document totaling six pages over a two- to three-day period (the entire process can take five to seven days from writing to delivery depending on the work schedule of everyone who is involved in the production.), I send it on to the Advancement Office where Kathy McCrary gives it something not unlike a microscopic examination looking for anything that spell-check didn’t catch. After Kathy does her magic she transforms it from the desktop version of Microsoft Publisher into a PDF that lends itself to wider distribution by email and sends it along to the staff of Marketing and Communications (usually to Steve Rottinghaus and Annette Pierce) for further editing and checking of facts and for the final distribution along the web.

So, while I get to bask in the bright lights — the fame and glory that writers often enjoy — a lot of others also deserve credit for keeping this train on the track! To all of those who have been, are now, or will someday be involved, I say “Thank You!”

As with any publication, I realize that you, our former students and alumni, have lots of things to read and review every day and that you may not get to the Arbor immediately (see the main article on page two this month). For those of you who really enjoy and look forward to it, I am glad it brings enjoyment and information or some other value to your life!

For those who are still with me and who care to, revisit some of the more recent archived issues. I hope you will enjoy this newest issue and will find within something that will inform, entertain or further engage you with Baker!

Jerry Weakley, ’70, MBA ’92

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