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Working with people in the University alumni and advancement setting has always been a rewarding and enlightening opportunity for me. As I conclude my 34th year of employment at Baker this summer, I realize that I have been entirely blessed to have landed in a position that allows me to constantly relive my own past and enjoy the stories of other eras, classes and degree programs that have made up YOUR Baker experience. Believe me, I could retire right now on the bribes I could generate from those stories or from the book I could write! But, perhaps another day.

As I think back over the course of these many years, I often relive the past in terms of the capital projects that have added so much to the physical space and Baldwin City campus. As you will read in the Arbor, the current project underway is the renovation and revitalization of the student union dining area. This project, as much as any from the previous decade, is certainly capable of changing the enrollment picture and the course of our University well into the future in a very positive manner.


Construction of the new dining area in the student union is underway.

I also want to take this opportunity to encourage each of you again to reply to any story you read within or on any Baker-related topic that comes to your mind. Some of the best articles are generated by you, the reader. I appreciate the input more than you know.

I do need to inform you that I will be away from my office and the University for a few weeks this summer. An old baseball injury and continuing wear and tear to my right knee have finally taken their final toll, and I am going to have a knee-replacement procedure the last week of June. If all goes right (and I believe it will), I should be back ready to walk faster to meetings and events than I have been able to over the last two years. It may, however, take me a few weeks to respond to any reply you make, but I certainly will as soon as I am back on campus and able.

If you happen to be on the Baldwin City campus anytime after the first of August, I hope you will call 785.594.8332 or drop by my office on the “garden level” of Parmenter Hall so we can visit.

As I am returning to work, I will also be putting together another Arbor that will recap all the news and activities of the summer and give you a preview of activities of the fall semester.

Access this first summer edition of the Arbor. I hope you will find several items within that will keep you informed and engaged with good old Baker!

Jerry Weakley, ’70, M.B.A. ’92

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