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Carolyn and Dr. Daniel Lambert at the 2005 Awards Banquet

Carolyn and Dr. Daniel Lambert at the 2005 Awards Banquet

Over the course of the previous 12 years in which I have authored this publication known formally as From the Arbor, or more commonly just The Arbor, I have intentionally tried not to compete with other University publications such as the Baker World or Baker Pride. Occasionally, I have received notes from readers about the passing of an alumnus or former faculty member. In all but one or perhaps two cases, I have deferred coverage of those to the Baker World, which can provide so much more space than can I to that important information. I must, however, break from that procedure in this month’s cover letter to not only relate the passing of an extremely important person in the life of Baker, but also to dedicate this entire issue to her memory.

Carolyn Bright Lambert, the wife of former president Dr. Daniel Lambert, and former first lady of Baker University, passed away with her family gathered around her on July 17. In so many ways, Carolyn was the consummate first lady and a wonderful “friend raiser” for the University. She worked tirelessly in so many different ways for Baker that it was often said that when Baker hired Dan Lambert, it really got “two for the price of one!”Carolyn and Dr. Daniel Lambert

Carolyn loved to entertain in the Collins House or in the adjoining newer reception facility of which she oversaw the design and decoration. This reception facility was appropriately renamed for her and remains the Carolyn Bright Lambert Reception Hall.

After graduating from William Jewell and graduate studies at University of Missouri at Kansas City and Central Missouri State, she became a pioneer educator who worked and devoted much of her early career to educational opportunities and programs and the teaching of children with learning disabilities. Even in her years as first lady, she never missed an opportunity for teaching and helping enlarge the realm of knowledge for our students.

Along with Dean Nancy Richard, Carolyn initiated and worked closely with the student service organization the parMentors, a group that continues to serve at numerous campus, community and alumni events throughout the year. Her other great loves were attending student performances, athletic competitions, alumni travel and hosting our annual Awards Banquet. She encouraged and supported, in every way possible, the alumni travel group now known as the Wandering Wildcats. I had the personal pleasure of working closely with her to plan the travel destinations for those trips and also on planning the theme, menu, entertainment and decorations for all of the previous Awards Banquets held in Kansas City.

The family has suggested that those in the Baker family wishing to honor her many years of service may send a donation in her name to the Dan and Carolyn Lambert Endowed Scholarship Fund, c/o Baker University, Box 65, Baldwin City, KS 66006.

Access this issue of the Arbor, which is dedicated to her memory. I hope you will find several items within that will indeed keep you informed, entertained and engaged with our great University!

Jerry Weakley, ’70, M.B.A. ’92

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