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Students in front of Mabee Hall

As I begin the opening letter to this month’s Arbor I want to take this opportunity to thank those of you who, having read about my knee surgery in July, wrote to me by email, called, or posted on Facebook your concern or wishes for my speedy recovery. I truly appreciated all your thoughts and concerns and hope I answered each of you in one way or another. Everything connected with the knee replacement went exceedingly well (much better and faster than I expected) and I am back to virtual full speed and a full range of activities both personally and professionally!

Now that CAS, SON and undergraduate SOE classes have once again caught up with our SPGS and graduate SOE classes that continue around the calendar, it feels much more normal on all the campuses I have visited in the last month.mabee

At CAS in Baldwin City, the changing of classes each hour provides an almost never-ending parade of students going hither and yon (most while checking voice and text messages or engaging in friendly banter with friends and classmates). It is funny that even though Parmenter Hall has 20-inch-thick walls and double-pane windows I can still hear many brief portions of conversations between students who are standing outside my windows or who are in the process of traversing the walks outside my office. While not trying particularly to listen into these conversations, I do hear a bit of them from time to time, which leads me to this next sweeping generalization . . . for the most part it appears that today’s students talk about the same things that students did when I was in school. To wit, topics of conversation seem to revolve around (in no particular order here) classes, tests, dating and parties, sports, TV shows, food and, finally, topics of interest that “someone else” told them.

The steps of Parmenter Hall seem to be an attractive gathering spot for students before or after classes as do areas outside of Case Hall, the Boyd Science Center, Mabee Hall and the Grape Arbor. This is particularly true (obviously) in good weather.

Having been involved in discussions and meetings concerning the design and ultimate renovation and reconstruction of the Student Union lobby area, I can certainly see a time in the not too distant future that the Union will take on an increased load of students visiting with one another before and after classes. I am so excited to see the plans, gradually yet continuously evolving, that will meet or exceed the now high expectations of students, faculty and staff. There is little doubt that the renovation and revitalization of the Union will make an incredible impact with both our current students but as importantly, with visiting prospective students.

Access the current issue of the Arbor. I hope you will find several items within that will indeed keep you informed, entertained and engaged with our great University!

Jerry Weakley, ’70, M.B.A. ’92

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