Senior Resident Assistant

Position Description

The senior resident assistant is an undergraduate with responsibility for the development of a living and learning community atmosphere in a living area of 100 to 190 residents. The senior resident assistant coordinates and advises student personnel functions of the living area. In addition, the SRA manages the operations for the living area and assists the area coordinator with the coordination of the physical maintenance of the living area with the University maintenance staff.


  • At least one year of residential hall living and staff experience
  • Must be in good standing with Baker University
  • Full-time enrollment at Baker University with at least 60 or more credit hours
  • A minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.8
  • Excellent interpersonal and managerial skills
  • Ability to work during vacation periods (fall break, Thanksgiving, Christmas, spring break, Easter) and interterm as required
  • Additional employment, internship, or student teaching responsibilities while a staff member must be approved by the dean of students and student affairs coordinator

Duties at the Resident Assistant Level

  • Senior resident assistants will be responsible for all duties outlined in the resident assistant position description (included in this packet).
  • Must enroll in and successfully complete the resident assistant course in the fall semester (time and date TBA).

Duties at the Senior Resident Assistant Level

  • Assist with RA training through Behind Closed Doors event and other presentations.
  • Complete three in-office hours weekly in the Student Affairs Office (for apartment SRAs).
  • Remain on campus after students have checked out to inventory and close building.
  • Hold weekly staff meetings with RA team and hold monthly individual meetings with each RA in coordination with AC.
  • Expect to have one duty night per week and one duty weekend per month as a member of senior staff.
  • Oversee the creation of the RA duty schedule, and provide the area coordinator with the duty schedule for his or her building.
  • Supervise office operation, including key control, inventory upkeep, office forms, and work order tracking.
  • Provide an organized check-in and checkout procedure, including inventory forms, damage billings, and key control.
  • Oversee the duty procedures in your hall, including the rounds, duty logs, and incident reports required of staff.
  • Respond to emergency calls on campus and refer the problem to the area coordinator, administrator on call, Campus Security or 911.
  • Evaluate and track the quality of hall staff, assuring that rounds are being done satisfactorily.
  • Produce a hall monthly activity calendar, listing hall programs and upcoming events, and provide this calendar to the AC, dean of students, and coordinator of student affairs.
  • Track and assist with the designated programming initiatives of the RA staff and provide this information to the AC on monthly.
  • Plan and oversee the programming of a minimum of nine (Gessner, NLC, Irwin) or four (apartments) activities or events for the living area
  • Consolidate RA weekly reports and submit weekly hall report to area coordinator by Sunday at 5 p.m.


  • The senior resident assistant residing in halls will be supplied with a room when space permits and when the hall is officially open.
  • The senior resident assistant residing in the apartments will be supplied with one of the rooms in a four-bedroom apartment. The SRA can choose his or her suitemates. If suitemates are not chosen, they will be assigned by the dean of students and student affairs coordinator.
  • Proposed remuneration ($2,100) is divided into nine equal installments. Purchase of a meal plan is required for SRAs in the halls.