Housing Application

All full-time (12+ hours) Baker University students on the Baldwin City campus are required to live in university-sponsored housing. Please provide as much detailed information possible so we can make the best assignments for all involved. While we do our best to honor each request, you may or may not receive your first choice of housing. Housing placements are based on new-student deposit dates and returning student deadlines.

For Full-Academic-Year Applicants: The housing process for incoming students begins after commencement in late May. Housing assignment emails are sent around the 4th of July holiday. Please contact the Office of Residence Life if you do not received your housing assignment email by July 15.

For Spring-Only Applicants: The housing process takes place in December and housing assignment emails are sent in December. Please contact your admissions counselor to complete your $100 enrollment deposit; housing assignments are based on application and deposit dates.

Meal Plans & Room Costs

Meal plan and room costs may be found at www.bakerU.edu/cost

19-meal plan (19 meals/week + $25 in declining balance/semester)

14-meal plan (14 meals/week + $250 in declining balance/semester + 10 flex meals/semester)

12-meal plan (12 meals/week + $75 in declining balance/semester + 10 flex meals/semester)

The costs of living in the residence halls are listed high to low.

New Living Center single (1 per room / 4 per suite)

New Living Center double (2 per room / 2 or 4 per suite)

Irwin/Gessner single occupancy (1 per room)

Irwin/Gessner double occupancy (2 per room / 4 per suite)

Please be aware that you will not be housed in University housing until you have paid your $100 enrollment management deposit through the Office of Admissions.