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2014-2015 Common Reading Book

This I Believe: The Personal Philosophies of Remarkable Men and Women
By Jay Allison and Dan Gediman

Based on the NPR series of the same name, This I Believe features 80 Americans—from the famous to the unknown—completing the thought that the book's title begins. Each piece compels readers to rethink not only how they have arrived at their own personal beliefs but also the extent to which they share them with others.

What Is the Common Reading Book?

The Common Reading Book eases the academic transition by providing a shared intellectual exploration for the campus community through discussion, curricular assignments, reflection and cocurricular programming based on a single book.

  • Provides a common first-year experiences for Baker’s newest students
  • Connects students to faculty, instructors and peers
  • Reflects on personal experiences and relates them to the common book
  • Promotes learning with and from others through dialogue
  • Increases awareness of diverse cultures
  • Enhances success by emphasizing reading as an intellectual skill central to student achievement

What Should I Expect From the Program?

  • You will receive your free copy during your Summer Orientation session.
  • You are expected to read the book before classes begin.
  • The book will be discussed in your first-semester salon class (SN101, HN101 or SN201).

 Common Reading Committee

  • Dr. Cassy Bailey, Dean of Students
  • Dr. Carrie Coward Bucher, Quest Program Chair, Director of Honors Program
  • Dr. Judy Smrha, Assistant Dean for Student Engagement and Success, Associate Professor of Business and Economics
  • Kevin Kropf, Senior Director of Admissions