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New Course Offerings | Fall 2014

AS475 – Ceramics IV (3 credit hours)

Inge Balch, instructor

This class is a continuation of AS360 Ceramics II and serves art majors and non-art majors alike. The emphasis will be on the development of the individual student's final portfolio and/or exhibition. Contemporary-art-related global issues will be researched and discussed in class.
Prerequisite: AS360

CH131 – Chemistry: Principles and Applications (3 credit hours)
CH131 L – Chemistry: Principles and Applications Lab (1 credit hour)

Cynthia Woodbridge, instructor

This course is an application-based survey of chemistry. We will survey some required chemistry background (atomic structure, molecular structure and bonding, thermochemistry, IMFs, nuclear chemistry, organic chemistry, and biochemistry) before applying what we have learned to various topics of interest. The goals for this course are to provide you a solid foundation in both chemistry concepts and how chemistry applies to our everyday life.

EX325 – Advanced Nutrition (3 credit hours)

Erin Holt, instructor

Students will become familiar with the interdisciplinary nature of food science, including the chemical and physical properties of foods. They will explore key food commodities and food composition with an emphasis on the functional properties of each commodity. Students will examine the basic types of processes utilized to preserve foods and the fundamental scientific principles behind these processes. Students will also become familiar with processing methods included in all major food commodities as well as a background in microbiology and fermentation, food handling and safety, food contamination, and toxicology.
Prerequisite: EX245 and junior status

GD232 – Graphic Design (3 credit hours - cross-listed course with AS232 and MM232)

Jennifer Jarnot, instructor

This course is an introduction to graphic design as a form of visual communication through the use of image, form, color, and type. Students will be introduced to the fundamental principles of graphic design, and will explore formal composition principals, graphic design methodology, and approaches to digital layout. Basic principles and elements of design will be explored for creating ads, logos, newsletters, magazine covers, posters, and brochures.

PH110 – Introduction to Law and the Legal Profession (3 credit hours)

Lee Green, instructor

This course will provide prelaw students and others interested in the law an overview of the legal system and the professions available to those with legal training. Topics to be covered in the course include the structure and operation of the American legal system, the role of the judiciary in the legal system, basic legal concepts related to constitutional law, contract law, tort law, property law, employment and labor law, environmental law, debtor-creditor law, and human rights law. Topics will also include coverage of the law school admissions process, preparation strategies for the Law School Admissions Test, timing issues regarding the LSAT and law school applications, and the structure of law school curriculums.