Special Topics Description | Spring 2015

BS 495 – Business Analytics (3 credit hours)

Kevin McCarthy, instructor

Business Analytics explores the world of big data and how to transform data into insight for making decisions. The applications of business analytics extend across industries and functional areas in business. Visualization and statistical modeling are important components. Students will use specialized software, such as Tableau, to develop skills and solve problems. Pre-req: BS230

RE 295 – Islam: An Introduction of History, Text, and Religious Belief (3 credit hours)

Nicholaus Pumphrey, instructor

This course focuses on the history of Islam and the diversity of Muslims both past and present. Students will examine the Qur'an, as well as the various rituals, doctrines, and holidays of the different sects of Islam. Contemporary issues will be discussed such as gender and sexuality, Islam in America, and Islam post-9/11.

SA 295 – Sponsorship and Revenue in Sport (3 credit hours)

Ron Christian, instructor

Sponsorship and Revenue in Sport provides an in-depth approach to generating revenue for sport organizations, including the use of strategic partnerships with sponsors and media outlets, as well implementation of fundraising initiatives, special events, and sales tactics. Topics include strategies for securing sponsorships, sponsorship activation, and managing sponsor relations. Fundraising campaigns, donor relations, and customer relations will also be discussed. Pre-req: SA 141