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Three Weeks of Wow | January Interterm

Interterm, an experience unique to Baker University, is a time to spread your wings and discover more about the world.

Past courses have given students the chance to create a band, design a miniature golf course as art, scuba dive in the Caribbean or travel to New York to see Broadway plays and perform community service.

Once in a Lifetime Experience | Haiti 2012

Jake Bucher, assistant professor of sociology, and 10 students spent 12 days in Haiti as part of a Social Justice and Service in Haiti Interterm class. The students worked on restoring earthquake damage, helped build a school, taught English and computer literacy and worked with orphans. Bucher and senior Molly Schmeidler were featured on Fox4 News and in the Lawrence Journal-World.

Choir Interterm trip to Ireland and England

Haiti 2012

Baker students interact with the kindergarten class at Ecole Shalom, outside of Port-au-Prince, Haiti.
Molly Schmeidler