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  • Carrie Coward Bucher
  • Quest Program Chair, Director of Honors Program
  • Constant Hall 18
  • 785.594.4536
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Hours
  • Monday-Friday: 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

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The Confidence to Thrive in a Changing World

A liberal arts education will help you develop the skills that employers look for. You’ll take courses in your major, but you will also take a broad variety of core courses and electives. A liberal arts education will help you to:

  • Apply what you know to new situations.
  • Prepare for your immediate goals after graduation.
  • Adapt as the world and your career evolve.

Start Your Quest | Write, Speak, Think

At the center of your academic experience is Quest, an integrated series of courses. Each year you will take core courses that develop your ability to:Quest-logo-100

  • Communicate clearly in written and oral forms
  • Think critically
  • Solve problems
  • Find, understand and use appropriate information

You will also take linked courses in various disciplines. Your classmates will take different linked courses and, through presentations and discussions, you will gain insights into the core topic from a variety of perspectives.

Less Time Listening to Lectures, More Time Contributing

Throughout the program you will explore more deeply aspects that interest you and discuss them with your classmates, who have explored other perspectives.

And as you move through the four years of the Quest program, the focus evolves.

  • First year | Ignite: QS 111 Introduction to Quest & QS 112 Self and Other
  • Second year | Investigate: QS 211 Scientific Inquiry & QS 212 Ideas and Expression
  • Third year | Integrate: QS 311 Global Culture and Community
  • Fourth year | Impact: QS 411 Global Citizenship

You will begin your journey by learning writing, speaking and thinking skills as a freshman and will continue developing them each year until you graduate. The Quest program aims to help Baker graduates excel at the skills that future employers or graduate schools find most important.

Bold Approach to Core Skills

At most other colleges, freshmen are required to take a couple of writing classes and a speech class that are isolated from other general education requirements.

Through the Quest program, Baker students continue to practice and improve writing, speaking and critical thinking extensively through all four years.

That’s a bold approach that not many other colleges can claim.

—Dave Bostwick, assistant professor of mass media

Sample Quest Courses

Bostwick’s Quest courses show how the topic of digital media can grow from year to year.

QS 112 Citizenship in an iWorld
Discover yourself by learning how the Internet affects brain activity.

Discuss this with classmates taking linked courses such as Art History, a world language, Psychology of Personality, Human Development or Society and the Individual.

QS 212 Am I Literate?
Explore thought and human expression by learning how digital media alters our definition of literacy, how text messages affect the way we write, and how images can manipulate messages.

Discuss this with classmates taking History of Photography, Mass Media and Society, Jazz Ensemble, Social Justice or Acting.