Principal Investigators

William R. Miller, Ph.D.

Baker University | Tardigrade Taxonomist & Ecologist

Director of student research at Baker, Miller has been the principle investigator on two major NSF RUI grants about tardigrades. He has published more than 70 popular and scientific papers and described more than a dozen new species. He has more than a dozen years of canopy experience and presented data at the second, third and fifth International Canopy Conferences.

Meg D. Lowman, Ph.D.

California Academy of Sciences | Canopy Pioneer, Conservationist & Author

Chief of science and sustainability at the California Academy of Sciences and called the "Einstein of the treetops" by the Wall Street Journal, Lowman has published more than 120 popular books and scientific canopy articles. She can be seen in National Geographic’s “Hero's of the High Frontier” video, was a leader in the canopy segment of the Jason Project and is an advocate for conservation. Lowman’s research interest is herbivory, the use of canopy vegetation by insects. She has been instrumental in the design and construction of several canopy walkways that include ADA accessibility in the design.