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Faculty & Staff

Jacob Bucher

Jacob Bucher - 8475

Dean of the School of Professional & Graduate Studies
B.A. Baker University, M.A. University of Memphis, M.A. Emory University, Ph.D. Emory University
Office: Overland Park Campus

Timothy Buzzell - 4598

Professor of Sociology
B.A., M.P.A. Drake University; Ph.D. Iowa State University
Expertise: computer crime and Internet deviance, sociology of ritual and holidays, political sociology and extremist groups
Office: Parmenter Hall 16

Susan Emel - 8457

Professor of Communication Studies, Ernestine Susannah Buckley Chair, Director of BU Speech Choir, Chair of the Dept. of History, Culture & Society
B.S. Kansas State University, M. Div. St. Paul School of Theology, Ph.D. University of Kansas
Expertise: interpersonal communication, conflict resolution, communication theory, rhetorical studies
Office: Parmenter Hall 15
Kris Oehlert

Kris Oehlert - 7867

Department Assistant, History, Culture & Society
Office: Parmenter Hall 21A
Leonard Ortiz

Leonard Ortiz - 8482

Associate Professor of History, Susan L. Perry Chair
B.A. Santa Clara University, M.A. Stanford University, Ph.D. University of Kansas
Expertise: American west, Native American and 20th century U.S. history
Office: Parmenter Hall 20
Nicholaus Pumphrey

Nicholaus Pumphrey - 7873

Assistant Professor of Religious Studies
B.A. Valdosta State University, M.A. Vanderbilt University, Ph.D. Claremont Graduate University
Expertise: Hebrew Bible;  ancient Near Eastern history, religion, and literature; pop culture and religion; Islamic studies
Office: Parmenter Hall 17
John Richards

John Richards - 8391

Associate Professor of History
B.A., M.A. University of Kansas; ABD Brown University
Expertise: dynastic Egypt, ancient Greece and Rome, early medieval Europe
Office: Parmenter Hall 21
Kimberly Schaefer

Kimberly Schaefer - 4539

Assistant Professor of Communication Studies
B.A. University of Richmond; M.A., Ph.D. University of Texas at Austin
Expertise: interpersonal communication, communication technology, personal relationships
Office: Parmenter Hall 18

Philip Schiffelbein - 8457

Instructor of Communication Studies
Office: Parmenter Hall, Ground Floor

Russell Taylor - 8457

Instructor of Communication Studies
Office: Parmenter Hall, Ground Floor