University Travel Guidelines: Conferences & Seminars

General Statement

This policy provides guidelines for the administration of University travel policy. The guidelines apply to all faculty, staff, students and administrators of the University regardless of affiliation or location.

Reimbursement Guidelines

Reimbursement for all expenses associated with a workshop, seminar or conference will be made from actual, properly documented receipts. This includes expenses for registration fees, meals, transportation, lodging and other costs associated with attending a seminar or conference. Requests for reimbursement must be entered into Vantage within 30 days of the date incurred.


Lodging accommodations will be paid up to $96 per night while attending an out-of- town conference or seminar. Lodging accommodations will only be paid for University travel beyond a 100-mile radius of the employee's primary work site.

Sometimes a conference is held in a hotel that charges more for rooms than is normally allowed under lodging allowances. In this case, those room charges may be reimbursed with the approval of the budget manager and department head. Reimbursement will be made from actual, properly documented receipts.


Types of transportation authorized for University business travel include airlines, automobiles, taxis and other usual means of transportation. Use of rental cars is permissible only when other means of transportation is not available. Taxis, shuttles and other forms of public transportation should be used when available. The size of the automobile rented must be proportionate to the number of individuals in the group and the duration of the trip.

Purchase of insurance on rental cars is not necessary, as rental cars are covered under the University's fleet auto insurance.

Personal automobile expenses will be reimbursed at a rate established by the University. Each trip and the purpose of the trip must be logged on an expense form. The mileage recorded must begin from your office location, not your home.

Meal Allowance

While at a conference or seminar, the reasonable amount for meal expenses, including taxes and tips, is $41 per day for three meals. This allowance is in accordance with the IRS per diem rates.

Please note that alcohol is not a reimbursable expense under any circumstance.

The breakdown of the daily allowance is as follows:

  • Breakfast $ 8
  • Lunch $12
  • Dinner $21

An actual itemized meal receipt must be attached to the expense report. A copy of the credit card slip is not adequate documentation. The original sales ticket must be presented.

Nonreimbursable Travel Expenses

The following items will not be reimbursable under this policy:

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Tobacco products
  • Spouse or family member's travel costs
  • Telephone calls that are not University related
  • Lost or stolen cash or personal property
  • Personal items and services such as toiletries, luggage, clothes, haircuts
  • Avoidable expenses, such as sightseeing tours that are not University business related
  • Excess cost of indirect or side trips for personal reasons
  • Repairs, towing services, maintenance, auto accident insurance, etc. for personal vehicles
  • Pay-for-view movies in hotel or motel room
  • Traffic citations, parking tickets and other fines