University Guidelines: Team & Student Travel

General Statement

Baker University seeks to promote safe travel to events and activities occurring beyond the boundaries of University property by students and recognized student organizations.

This policy does not apply to travel undertaken by individuals attending out-of-town athletic/recreational events as a nonparticipant. Baker University has a fiduciary responsibility to insure University resources are used responsibly and that individuals do not incur inappropriate or excessive expenses.

All travel should be prudently planned so that the best interests of Baker University are served at the most reasonable cost.

Van Rental

The use of 12- and 15-passenger vans currently in Baker University’s fleet is encouraged to transport passengers. Twelve- and 15-passenger vans should not be rented unless there are none available.

Personal Vehicle

Use of personal vehicles for student organizations/team travel is strongly discouraged. However, personal vehicles may be used only on a voluntary basis and at the student’s own risk.


Teams my stay at any hotel of the coach’s choice, keeping in mind that prudency is a priority.

Double rooms are to be reserved with four members of the same sex staying in a double room.

Coaches/sponsors are entitled to stay in a single room.

Team Meals

Each team member is allowed up to $18.00 per day in a meal allowance. The coach/sponsor may choose to either (1) give each team member cash for their meals; in this case each member must sign a roster acknowledging receipt of the cash or (2) have each member order a meal and provide receipts to the Business Office.

Coaches/sponsors MUST provide receipts for their meals.

Any coach’s/sponsor’s meals submitted without appropriate receipts will not be reimbursed. See the expense reporting section of the University travel guidelines for additional details.

No policy can anticipate every situation that might give rise to legitimate expenses. Reasonable and necessary expenses, which are not listed, may be incurred. Each coach/sponsor must use his/her best judgment in determining if an expense is reasonable.