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Web Style Guide

The Office of Marketing and Public Relations follows the guidelines in the Yahoo! Style Guide when creating webpages and asks that anyone who contributes to the website also follow these suggestions. Consistency on the website presents a polished, professional face to the public and reinforces our credibility.

Tabs across the top of the Yahoo! Style Guide page link to specific topics:

  • Writing for the Web | Tips for improving readability and organization
  • Editing 101 | Rules for punctuation, capitalization and number style
  • Word List | Answers to questions: one or two words, hyphenated or not, capital or lowercase

If you have a question about a word that is not in the Yahoo! word list, check merriam-webster.com. There is variation among dictionaries. The marketing office and most publishing companies defer to the most recent edition of Webster's Collegiate Dictionary.

Exceptions & Additions to Yahoo! Style Rules


Commencement: Capitalize when referring to the University's spring and fall ceremonies.

courses names: Capitalize the name of courses: History of the United States, English Composition.

grades: Capitalize but don't quote, e.g., A grade of B or better is required. Don't use an apostrophe for plurals, e.g., I earned As and Bs in school.

University: Capitalize when referring to Baker University.

Schools & Departments in the University

Capitalize the formal names of schools, academic departments and University offices. Lowercase names that are reversed or shortened:

  • School of Nursing, nursing school
  • Department of Chemistry, chemistry department
  • Office of the President, president's office
  • University Registrar, registrar's office

Always capitalize units that don't normally use "Office of" or "Department of" in their formal titles.

  • Student Academic Success
  • Continuing Education

In plural constructions, lowercase department, school, program, office and other descriptive titles, e.g., I have friends in the departments of business and music.

Job titles: Capitalize titles appearing before a name and lowercase those appearing after a name.

  • Susan Wade, director of Career Services
  • President Pat Long
  • Alan Grant, associate professor of business and economics
  • Professor George Wiley of the Department of Religion


advisor not adviser

ampersand: In bodies of text, do not use. The ampersand is acceptable in headings and subheadings.

Baker email addresses should be lowercase except the u in bakerU, e.g., This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

click here: Avoid using "click here" as a text link. Because web users scan, link to text that explains the content when read out of context, e.g., Choose from more than 40 areas of study.

credit hours: Use numerals for credit hours, even those less than 10, e.g., 3 credit hours.

email: lowercase, no hyphen

headings and subheadings: Use title case for headings and subheadings, i.e., the first letter of each word is capitalized except for articles and prepositions of four letters or fewer.

links: If a link takes you away from the Baker website, open it in a new window.

on-ground: Hyphenate when it's used as an adjective before a noun, e.g., The on-ground course begins at 6 p.m.

on ground: Two words when used as predicate adjective, e.g., Courses are taught online or on ground.

online: Always one word, e.g., The course is taught online. He's taking an online course.

phone numbers: Use periods as the separators in phone numbers, e.g., 785.594.6451

pre-: hyphenate pre-law and pre-medicine. Close up preprofessional.

main campus: Avoid referring to any campus as the main campus. Refer either to the name of the school or its location, e.g., the Baldwin City campus, Wichita campus, School of Nursing, College of Arts and Sciences, School of Professional and Graduate Studies.

Questions or Comments

If you have questions or comments, please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .