Further Resources

United States Copyright Office

The Copyright Office has a very clear site with links to copyright law and the circulars issued by that office to provide guidance for creators, owners and users of copyrighted materials.

Copyright Clearance Center

The library has an account with the CCC for published materials. The CCC has contracts with many publishers that allow them to grant permission very quickly. Other publishers wish to make a case-by-case determination, still through the CCC, which may take longer. The library staff will assist you with these permissions, but the department for which the copies are made is responsible for costs incurred.

Copyright Advisory Office, Columbia University Libraries

The CAO is directed by Kenneth Crews, a highly respected of both law and librarianship.

Stanford University Libraries

The libraries have developed a particularly good site for understanding the concept of fair use.

University of Texas Copyright Crash Course

The Copyright Crash Course was developed as a tutorial for academics needing a fairly quick overview of copyright.