MAEd Program Requirements

The MAEd is a 36-credit-hour degree program that consists of the following coursework:

Core Requirements | 18 credit hours

  • EDU 5111 Enhancing Communication and Embracing Understanding (the requirement for those students entering the MAEd program after July 2012)
  • EDU 6104 Writing at the Graduate Level (the requirement for students entering the MAEd program before August 2012).
  • EDU 5111 must be completed before a student enrolls in any other core MAEd course.
  • EDU 5101 Learning Theories and Instruction
  • EDU 5102 Assessment Strategies
  • EDU 5103 Curriculum Development and Design
  • EDU 5531 Today's Learner Research course: Choose one research course from the following options.
    (Note: research courses are not offered in the summer I and summer II terms.)
    • EDU 5120: Action Research in the Classroom
    • EDU 5121: Inquiry and Research

Education Electives | 18 credit hours

  • Must be approved graduate-level course in education.
  • Electives are chosen from one of four concentration areas: technology, curriculum and instruction, multicultural classrooms and student diversity, or generalist. A list of concentration courses is given to students in their enrollment meeting.
  • Any EDU or OTL course that is not a part of the core requirements fulfills the education elective requirement.

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