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Undergraduate Art History Conference

Fifth Annual Undergraduate Art History Conference at Baker University

Saturday, April 26, 2014

9 a.m. | Morning Session | Owens AV Room

  • Brett Knappe | Welcome and introduction of moderators
  • Baker Speech Choir Performance
  • Ashley Wehmiller (Ball State University) "A Bird's Eye View: Examining Haussmann Era Aerial Paintings of Paris"
  • Rachel Winter (University of Iowa) "The Death of Semiology After Conceptual Art"
  • Alexandra Jagodzinski (University of Wisconsin-Madison) "Pornography and Performance Art: Exploiting the Erotic through Vanessa Beecroft, Carolee Schneemann, and Karen Finley"
  • Abigail Jones (Baker University) "Exposing the Myth of Suburbia and Envisioning the New American Landscape"
  • Jillian Martin (Portland State University) "Images of the Virgin Mary Before and After the Age of Iconoclasm"

11:30 a.m. | Lunch Reception

Noon | Afternoon Session | Owens AV Room

  • Baker Poets: Jacqueline Albin, Erin Wilson, Denesha Jones, Sydney Johnston and Caroline Berblinger
  • Kelly O'Neill (University of Utah) "Intentional Conflations: The Filmic Practice of Tseng Kwong Chi"
  • Joseph Liberatore (Temple University) "Windsor Castle: Fortress of Restoration During the English Civil War"
  • Brontë Mansfield (University of Wisconsin at Madison) "Chasing Tail: Mermaids as Emblems of Unfulfilled Desire in the Long Nineteenth Century"
  • Olivia Gauthier (Hunter College) "Ryan Trecartin and the (Re)Construction of Gender"
  • Anna Ensz (Asbury University) "Metaphysical Grief: Michelangelo's Pietá in Renaissance Rome"

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