Biology Faculty

Roger Boyd

Roger Boyd

Education Coordinator for the Baker Wetlands & Professor Emeritus of Biology
Ph.D. Colorado State University
Expertise: ornithology, wetland and prairie ecosystems, neotropics
Office: Baker Wetlands Office, 1365 N. 1250 Road

Jon Boyd

Director of Baker Wetlands
Office: Baker Wetlands, 1365 N. 1250 Road
Charmaine Henry

Charmaine Henry - 4596

Associate Professor of Biology
B.S. University of the Virgin Islands; Ph.D. University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey
Expertise: physiology, immunology, anatomy
Office: Boyd Science Center 228
Scott Kimball

Scott Kimball - 4563

Assistant Professor of Biology
B.A. Baker University, M.S. Boise State University, Ph.D. The Ohio State University
Expertise: avian ecology and animal behavior
Office: Boyd Science Center 226
William Randy Miller

William Randy Miller - 8379

Coordinator of Student Research in Biology
B.S., M.A. University of Montana; Ph.D. University of New England
Office: Boyd Science Center 225
Erin Morris

Erin Morris - 7881

Associate Professor of Biology
B.A. Drury University, Ph.D. University of Missouri-Columbia
Expertise: molecular plant genetics
Office: Boyd Science Center 230
Darcy Russell

Darcy Russell - 8418

Professor of Biology & Duboc Chair, Chair of the Department of Biology & Chemistry
B.S. Baker University, Ph.D. Kansas State University
Expertise: microbiology
Office: Boyd Science Center 229
Kathy Wright

Kathy Wright - 8419

Department Assistant for Biology & Chemistry and Math, Physics & Computer Science
Office: Boyd Science Center 227