Minor in Conflict Management

This interdisciplinary minor provides communication skills and tools you can use immediately and later in your career.

Only Undergraduate Program in the Region

The minor in conflict management at Baker is one of very few undergraduate minors in the United States in this field. The minor teaches you the following:

  • Advanced listening skills
  • Ways to speak clearly and calmly when in conflict
  • Respect for other disputants
  • Third-party conflict management assistance strategies
  • Ethics in personal relationships
  • Tools for expanding the number of options for solutions
  • Communication across cultural differences
  • Effective group communication

Gain the Skills Employers Seek

A minor in conflict management is an ideal complement to any major and enhances the skills employers most value:

  • Teamwork in diverse groups
  • Critical thinking and analytical reasoning
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Ethics and values
  • Complex problem solving

Reported in a 2006 survey of business leaders commissioned by the Association of American Colleges and Universities

What Students Say About Courses in this Minor

  • This class combined historical information in a way that opened my mind to current issues. My personal value of being more aware nationally and globally has increased. – Nonviolence and Social Movements student
  • This class makes it easier to critically analyze conflict problems outside of class. In these situations, I find myself thinking about what I have learned. This makes me realize the amount of information I have actually learned. – Pathways to Dispute Resolution student
  • I am a business major and this class has been more beneficial to me than any other class I've taken in college! Thank you!! – Interpersonal Conflict Management student
  • I think this course will benefit my personal life just as much as my future career. I learned a lot. – Pathways to Dispute Resolution student

This interdisciplinary minor offered through the communication program offers students course options in counseling psychology, criminal justice and game theory as part of the requirements.