Speech Choir

The Baker University Speech Choir creates and performs original works for campus ceremonies and celebrations and also performs off campus. Audiences look forward to these lively, unique and thought-provoking performances.

Creativity, Collaboration & Organization

The Speech Choir prepares, perfects and performs programs drawn from a variety of genres, including poetry, news items, prose, drama excerpts and jokes.

Members develop and exercise a variety of creative and organizational skills:

  • Research script materials
  • Critique initial script drafts
  • Create movements
  • Suggest interpretations for lines or segments that will bring the writers' works to life


Speech Choir members represent nearly every department across campus. Members are enrolled in CO 230 Communication Workshop and receive academic credit for the activity. 

You do not need previous public presentation experience. However, if you have participated in theatre or forensics in high school, you are well-suited to this type of presentation experience.

Scholarships are available.


  • "I have taken a lot more out of Speech Choir than I ever thought I would. I have better developed my public speaking ability and gained a willingness to share my ideas."
    —Freshman math education major
  • "The atmosphere at Speech Choir couldn't be better. It's fun, loud, and entertaining. It is great to know that the people are excited about being together. It creates energy."
    — Senior history major
  • "We have a class with such diverse backgrounds and personalities that you learn to work with all kinds of people. It also helps with gaining confidence in public speaking because you get to practice in a lot of different situations."
    — Senior communication major
  • "I have taken what I have learned about how to be more confident in a presentation and have put that towards other courses."
    —Senior religion and philosophy double major