Baldwin City Campus

The study of economics, like Baker’s liberal arts curriculum, is broad and all-encompassing. Economics is where business meets the social sciences. The study of economics centers on understanding how the market system works by analyzing how consumers, businesses and governments interact.

By majoring in economics, you will gain a thorough knowledge of the relationships that fuel economic markets and systems, understand the theoretical framework for how economies thrive and falter and gain understanding of the philosophies and ideas that drive the business and economic systems across the globe.

A degree in economics from Baker University will prepare you for a number of professional endeavors in business, finance or government positions. It is also an excellent preparation to continue your studies with a graduate or law degree.

World-class faculty, top students and an innovative curriculum are the hallmarks of Baker's Business and Economics Department. At Baker, you will work alongside professors who have real-world experience. The department’s curriculum focuses on rational approaches to business, problem solving and awareness of business environments. We emphasize the ethical and social responsibilities of the modern businessperson, while introducing you to global industry, trade and economics.

Through our general education program, you learn not only facts and theories. You learn how to learn, how to continue learning throughout life and how to adjust as society and industry change, which is a vital skill for any businessperson or economist. You will leave with the confidence to succeed in your first job and to adjust with each subsequent professional pursuit.

Baker's business programs on the Baldwin City campus have been recognized by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP). Baker is one of a select number of schools to be accredited by the association. In a national exam, designed to determine students' knowledge upon graduation, Baker students routinely score in the top 10 to 20% compared to students from other schools across the country. Baker’s recent employment placement rate is 99 percent (80% employed; 19% pursued advanced degree.)