Program for German Education

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In addition to the professional education requirements, students pursuing licensure in the field of German (preK-12) must complete the following courses with a grade of C or better:

  • GN 203 Building Proficiency in German, 3 hours
  • GN 204 Making Connections in German, 3 hours
  • GN 305 German Composition in Cultural Context, 3 hours
  • GN 306 German Conversation in Cultural Context, 3 hours
  • GN 340 German Civilization and Culture, 3 hours
  • GN 360 Introduction to German Literature, 3 hours
  • WL 450 Methods of Teaching World Languages, 3 hours
  • 9 hours of German electives, including at least one literature course

pdfGerman Teacher Licensure Requirements Checklist

Teaching candidates may seek exemption, based on their proficiency, from some or all intermediate courses, but they are still required to earn the minimum number of hours specified in each licensure program. World language courses at the 100 level do not count toward teacher licensure.