Exercise Science

Small classes ensure that you will work closely with faculty in the classroom and the lab to gain a strong foundation in human anatomy and physiology, exercise physiology, kinesiology, therapeutic exercise, nutrition, fitness and health. 

Hands-On Experience

Baker students learn in small classes taught by full professors. You will gain knowledge inside the classroom and then learn how the subject matter is applied outside the classroom through guest speakers, group projects, trips and practical experience.

  • Conduct fitness assessments on Baker students, faculty and staff, then discuss results and recommend steps for reaching their goals.
  • Assist in faculty research and conduct independent-study projects.
  • Train on the equipment you will use in the field or in graduate school.
  • Participate in internships and clinical experience.

Full-Semester Clinical Experience

Gain real-world experience through a semester of clinical experience. Recent clinicals have taken place at local hospitals, physical therapy clinics, fitness centers, public schools and universities.

  • Baker University is a top-notch university that has excellent students who excel in their internship opportunities from the exercise science program.
    —Audrey Welch, 2013, Clinic Director at Therapy Works in Lawrence, Kan.
  • The caliber of students sent to our facility has been exceptional, a true asset for our organization.
    —Susan Gray, 2014, Clinic Supervisor at Comfort Care Homes in Baldwin City, Kan.
  • We love having Baker students at Baldwin Therapy Services! Whether strictly observing or interacting one on one with patients, students from all health sciences can benefit from experiencing the clinical setting firsthand.
    —Jenna Loftus, 2014, Clinic Supervisor at Baldwin Therapy Services in Baldwin City, Kan.
  • This clinical experience has exceeded my expectations in every way. I am so grateful for the invaluable practical knowledge this experience has given me, which will without a doubt prepare me for working in "the real world." I am now more excited than ever to go to physical therapy school and pursue my career as a physical therapist.
    —Richard Klein, Baker graduate 2013, clinical participant at Therapy Works in Lawrence, Kan.

Preparation for Graduate School

The combination of classroom work and practical experience prepares Baker exercise science majors for the following graduate programs:

  • Exercise science
  • Athletic training
  • Biomechanics
  • Occupational therapy
  • Physical therapy

Preparation for a Career

Exercise science majors find employment in public organizations, private businesses and corporations and health care organizations in the following fields:

  • Sport performance
  • Health education
  • Fitness and wellness