Exercise Science Courses

The Department of Behavioral and Health Sciences offers a major in exercise science. 

Major in Exercise Science

All students majoring in exercise science must successfully complete the following core courses:

  • EX 181 Introduction to Human Performance
  • EX 182 First Aid, CPR, and Safety
  • EX 244 Essentials of Sports Medicine
  • EX 245 Human Nutrition
  • EX 342 Motor Learning
  • EX 343 Physiology of Exercise
  • EX 345 Therapeutic Exercise
  • EX 347 Applied Kinesiology
  • EX 497 Clinical Experience in Health, Sport, and Human Performance

Supporting Coursework

All students majoring in exercise science must also successfully complete the following supporting coursework:

  • BI 151 Introduction to Molecular and Cellular Biology
  • BI 246 Human Anatomy and Physiology I
  • BI 247 Human Anatomy and Physiology II
  • CH 137 General Chemistry I
  • PC 125 Introductory Physics I
  • PC 225 General Physics I
  • PY 111 General Psychology

This program information has been taken from the current College of Arts and Sciences catalog. This information is subject to change and is updated with each academic year.