French Programs

The Department of Humanities offers a major and minor in French. Those interested in the study of French may also look into the following disciplines offered at Baker University’s Baldwin City undergraduate campus:
Education – K-12 French | English | German | International Business | International Studies | Spanish

Major in French

Students majoring in French earn the Bachelor of Arts degree. Students must successfully complete a minimum of 27 semester hours at the 204 level or above (at least 15 hours must be upper-college). Students who are placed in the 300 level or above must complete 24 semester hours at the 300 level or above (at least 15 hours must be upper-college).

Courses must include the following:

  • FR 305 French Composition in Cultural Context
  • FR 306 French Conversation in Cultural Context
  • FR 340 French Civilization and Culture or FR 350 Contemporary France
  • FR 360 Introduction to French Literature
  • Twelve additional semester hours in French
  • An approved Study Abroad experience
  • One upper level course in which the Senior Project is completed

An internship abroad approved ahead of time by the department chair may be awarded up to 3 hours of elective credit toward a major in French.

Supporting Coursework

Students majoring in French must also successfully complete a 12-hour minor area of concentration in a discipline of the student’s choice. A second world language at the 204-level or above is suggested.

Minor in French

Students wishing to obtain a minor in French must successfully complete a minimum of 12 semester hours in French at the 204-level or above. At least 3 of the semester hours must be at the upper-college level.

This program information has been taken from the current College of Arts and Sciences catalog. This information is subject to change and is updated with each academic year.