Graphic Design

Creativity & Communication

Graphic design students at Baker work in a stimulating environment in which aesthetic sensitivity is developed along with skills in critical thinking and the ability to recognize trends and keep up with technological advances and integrate them into strong design.

Students learn how to combine text and images to create a powerful message and how to use technology to deliver that message to its audience. 

Career Preparation

The graphic design major prepares you for a career in website development, electronic publication, video entertainment, public relations, advertising and marketing.

Practical, Hands-On Experience

Practical, hands-on experience will prepare you for the 21st-century workforce. Our program offers you the opportunity to contribute to award-winning, student-run print and online newspapers

Academic Strength

In the classroom, computer and design courses will provide you with knowledge of the techniques and technical competencies necessary to work in the field of graphic design.

Baker Advantage

With practical experience and academic preparation provided in a small, intimate campus environment, you will leave Baker with the confidence to communicate and to create.