International Studies Courses

IN 101 - Introduction to International Studies 3 hrs.

This course is the gateway course to the International Studies major. The course will introduce students to new ways of learning and thinking about the world through multiple lenses. Students will examine issues across disciplines and explore the interplay of cultures, languages, political systems, economies, histories, and geographies among the peoples of the world. This course is required of students in the International Studies major.

IN 212 - Global Problems 3 hrs.

This class provides an introduction to the many issues and problems facing the modern political world. Students follow and discuss current events while obtaining the background information necessary for effectively understanding those events. The course is designed to engage students actively in informed dialogues concerning important issues facing the world community, such as population growth, hunger, the environment, poverty, disease, and war. (Cross-listed as PS 212.)

IN 401 - Senior Seminar in International Studies 3 hrs.

As the capstone course for the International Studies major, this class involves intensive examination of several key issues in the international realm as they are presented through various disciplines. Students will also explore in-depth a particular area of international studies through the development of an original project. Students will prepare original research or develop an original work under the supervision of the course instructor and in consultation with an appropriate member of the International Studies Faculty. This will culminate with a seminar paper and a presentation of the research/work to other members of the course. Required of all International Studies Majors. Prerequisite: IN 101 and senior standing.

IN 295, 495 - Selected Topics in International Studies 3 hrs.

This course offers a study in depth of a particular topic in international studies, selected according to faculty and student interests and needs. The course can be repeated for credit as long as the topic changes.

IN 499 - Independent Study 1-3 hrs.

Students who have demonstrated superior achievement in international studies may enroll for independent study under the supervision of a consenting instructor. Prerequisite: Department chair approval.