Marching Festival Results

2014 Results




2A Midway R-1 High Viking Marching Band70.23II
4A Prairie View Marching Buffaloes67.72II
3A Sabetha Blue Jay Marching Band69.10II
4A Perry-Lecompton High Marching Kaws79.12II
3A Osage City High Marching Band80.18II
2A Mid-Buchanan Marching Dragons70.88II
4A Iola H.S. Mustang Regiment89.82I
4A Pride of Paola Panther Marching Band66.95III
5A St. Thomas Aquinas H.S. The Saints Brigade85.27I
4A Ottawa High Marching Cyclones80.15II
2A Mid-Buchanan High School Color Guard I
4A Louisburg High School Jazzy Cats Color Guard I
4A Tonganoxie H.S. Marching Chieftain Drum Line75I
4A Spring Hill High Bronco Drum Line 74.875II
4A Louisburg High School Drum Line73.125II
4A De Soto High School Wildcat Drum Line79.125I
4A Tonganoxie High Marching Chieftains65.70III
4A Bonner Springs H.S. The Pride Of Wyandotte County76.53II
4A Spring Hill High Marching Broncos 87.60I
4A Louisburg High Marching Wildcat Band89.60I
4A De Soto High Wildcat Band88.55I
The Jeremy Frye Memorial Championship Trophy: Iola High School Mustang Regiment

Band Rating Scale

Drum Line Rating Scale

Color Guard Rating Scale

I = 83-100

II = 67-82

III = 51-66

IV = 0-50

I = 75-100

II = 50-74

III = 25-49

IV = 0-24

I = Superior

II = Excellent

III = Good

IV = Fair

2013 Results




Sabetha Blue Jay Marching Band65.28IIII = 86 to 100
Prairie View High Marching Buffaloes62.77IIIII = 70 to 85
Cass Midway Viking Marching Band62.15IIIIII = 54 to 69
Mid -Buchanan Marching Dragons69.47IIIIV = 0 to 54
Perry-Lecompton High Marching Band70.38II 
Ottawa High Marching Cyclone Band80.68II 
Baldwin High Marching Bulldog Band 81.70II 
Spring Hill High Marching Bronco Band88.02I 
Atchison High Marching Redmen58.80III 
Tonganoxie High Marching Chieftains66.25III 
Louisburg High Marching Wildcat Band85.80II 
De Soto High Marching Wildcats91.42I 
The Jeremy Frye Memorial Championship Trophy: De Soto High Marching Wildcats

Drum Lines



De Soto Wildcat Drum Line87.5II = 75 to 100
Tonganoxie Chieftain Drum Line66.25IIII = 50 to 74
Louisburg Wildcat Drum Line80IIII = 25 to 49
   IV = 0 to 24

Color Guards



De Soto High Dazzlers Color Guard II = Superior
Louisburg High Jazzy Cats Color Guard III = Excellent
   III = Good
   IV = Fair

2012 Results

Color Guards



De Soto High Dazzlers Color Guard I
Platte County Pirate Pride Color Guard I
Louisburg High Jazzy Cats Color Guard I

Drum Lines

Tonganoxie Chieftain Drum Line68II
De Soto Wildcat Drum Line83I
Platte County Pirate Pride Drum Line91.44I
Louisburg Wildcat Drum Line67.88II


Cass Midway Viking Marching Band72.60II
Prairie View High Marching Buffaloes70.48II
Spring Hill High Marching Bronco Band79.50II
Pride of Paola Panther Marching Band76.90II
Perry-Lecompton High Marching Band73.27II
Baldwin High Marching Bulldog Band 84.12II
Ottawa High Marching Cyclone Band74.82II
Clay Center Community High School Band 70.07II
Saint Thomas Aquinas Marching Band81.63II
Tonganoxie High Marching Chieftains59.37III
Atchison High Marching Redmen65.03III
Louisburg High Marching Wildcat Band89.73I
Platte County Pirate Pride Marching Band94.13I
De Soto High Marching Wildcats87.37I
The Jeremy Frye Memorial Championship Trophy: Platte County Pirate Pride Marching Band   

2011 Results


Midway Viking Band 53.60 IV

Atchison High School Marching Redman 67.50 III

Perry-Lecompton Marching Kaws 73.00 II 

Pride of Paola Panther Marching Band 70.22 II

Baldwin Bulldog Marching Band 74.43 II

Ottawa High School Marching Cyclones 75.15 II

Spring Hill Marching Broncos 65.07 III

Tonganoxie Marching Chieftains 66.00 III

Louisburg Marching Wildcat Band 87.67 I

DeSoto High School Wildcat Marching Band 90.78 I

Drum Lines

Ratings only. No points.

DeSoto High School Drum Line I

Tonganoxie Drum Line II

Louisburg High School Drum Line I

Color Guards

Ratings only. No points.

DeSoto High School Dazzlers Color Guard I

Louisburg High School Jazzy Cats Color Guard I

2010 Results




Bonner Springs Band77.13II
Cass Midway Band67.02III
Perry Lecompton Band79.27II
Spring Hill Band82.10II
Baldwin Band87.57I
Ottawa Band84.33II
Paola Band73.70II
Spring Hill Drum Line22.00II
Ottawa Drum LineCommentsOnly
Tonganoxie Drum Line26.70II
Lansing Drum Line28.50II
Louisburg Drum Line30.00I
DeSoto Drum Line31.80I
Osage City Color GuardII,II,II+,IIII
Louisburg Color GuardI,I,I-,II
Osage City Band84.72II
Tonganoxie Band74.88II
Atchison Band74.43II
Lansing Band86.20I
Louisburg Band91.28I
Topeka West Band94.60I
DeSoto Band90.82I
Jeremy Frye Memorial Championship Trophy: Topeka West


 2009 Results

Highland Park HS              62.23 III
St. Thomas Aquinas HS      74.10 II
Cass Midway Vikings          63.55 III
Spring Hill HS M Broncos     71.50 II
Pride of Paola Panthers       66.52 III
Bonner Springs HS              70.87 II
Perry Lecompton HS            75.57 II
Ottawa HS M Cyclones        78.35 II
Baldwin HS M Bulldogs        74.47 II
Turner HS M Bears              64.93 III
DeSoto HS Dazzlers (CG)               I
Louisburg HS Jazzy Cats (CG)        I
Osage City HS M Indians      82.40 II
Mill Valley HS Jaguars          85.08 II
Tonganoxie HS M Chieftains  77.68 II
Atchison HS M Redmen         77.25 II
Louisburg HS M Wildcats       86.37 I
De Soto HS M Wildcats         90.27 I
Hutchinson HS Salthawks      87.20 I
The Jeremy Frye Memorial Championship Trophy: De Soto

2008 Results

I Desoto 89.00

I Louisburg 88.17

II Mill 83.08

II Emporia 82.00

II Osage 78.83

II Baldwin 77.33

II Perry 76.83

II Tongie 76.17

II Spring 75.50

II Bonner 70.83

II Atchison 70.67

III Turner 68.83

III Paola 62.83

III Cass 61.33

III Ottawa 59.17

III Prairie 58.83

III Eudora 56.17

2007 Results

III Spring Hill (4A)

II Prairie View (4A)

III Midway (2A)

I Baldwin (4A)

I Osage City (3A)

II Bonner Springs (5A)

II Paola (4A)

I Perry-Lecompton (4A)

II Atchison Color Guard (4A)

I DeSoto Color Guard (4A)

II Louisburg Color Guard (4A)

II Atchison Band(4A)

II Tonganoxie Band(4A)

II Ottawa Band(5A)

I Mill Valley Band(5A)

I Gardner Edgerton Band(5A)

I Louisburg Band(4A)

I DeSoto Band(4A)