Health & Physical Education (Teacher Licensure) Programs

The Department of Behavioral and Health Sciences and the School of Education offer a major in health and physical education (Teacher Licensure). Students who wish to pursue a degree in physical education and teacher certification must complete a core set of professional education courses. To acquire teacher certification, students must simultaneously seek endorsements in K-12 teacher licensure by following the Undergraduate School of Education Policy and Programs Handbook.

The department also offers one minor in physical education and a concentration in coaching. Students interested in the study of health and physical education may also look into the following disciplines offered at the Baldwin City undergraduate campus:

Education | Exercise Science | Sports Administration

Major in Health & Physical Education Teacher Licensure

All students majoring in health and physical education for teacher licensure must successfully complete the following core curriculum (42 semester hours):

  • HP 180 Concepts of Health
  • HP 181 Introduction to Health, Sport and Human Performance
  • HP 182 First Aid, CPR, and Safety
  • HP 241 Techniques of Teaching Individual and Dual Sports
  • HP 242 Techniques of Teaching Team Sports
  • HP 243 Movement and Rhythm
  • HP 244 Essentials in Sports Medicine
  • HP 339 Methods of Teaching PE and Health
  • HP 343 Physiology of Exercise
  • HP 346 Adapted Activities for Special Populations
  • HP 347 Applied Kinesiology
  • HP 388 Organization and Administration of Health, Physical Education, and Athletics

In addition, all health and physical education teacher licensure majors must earn credit in two 1-hour activity courses:

  • HP 1XX Team Sports
  • HP 167 Cross Training

Supporting Coursework

Students majoring in health and physical education for teacher licensure must also successfully complete the following:

  • BI 246 Human Anatomy and Physiology I
  • Required courses for the endorsements in K-12 teacher licensure

Concentration in Coaching

Students majoring within the Department of Behavioral and Health Sciences can also elect to complete a concentration in coaching by successfully completing the following 10 semester hours of coursework:

  • HP 148 Weight Lifting
  • HP 182 First Aid, CPR, and Safety
  • HP 348 Sports Psychology
  • HP 420 Theory and Principles of Coaching

The department recommends that students complete an additional 3-hour practicum experience or internship in coaching.

Minor in Physical Education

The minor in physical education requires 12 semester hours of HSHP courses, three of which must be upper-college. Activity courses, varsity sports and HP 170 do not count toward a minor.

This program information has been taken from the current College of Arts and Sciences catalog. This information is subject to change and is updated with each academic year.