Physics: Teach, Build, Research, Explore

At Baker you will get more hands-on experience in one year than many students at larger universities get in their entire college careers. Our small classes, state-of-the art equipment and balance between theory and experiment result in distinguished, talented graduates.

Your involvement is limited only by your desire to explore and learn.


  • Physics majors find good-paying summer internships in environmental engineering, petroleum engineering, and nuclear energy and technology.
  • Recent students have participated in National Science Foundation research projects in Idaho and at Stanford.
  • Students have held internships in engineering firms in Memphis, Oklahoma City, and Kansas City.

3+2 Engineering

Physics is a natural major for students following the preengineering partnership consisting of three years at Baker and two years at either the University of Kansas, University of Missouri at Kansas City or Washington University in St. Louis.

Preparation for Grad School

Recent graduates have gone on to:

  • Pursue graduate studies at Vanderbilt University in medical physics, applying nuclear physics principles in nuclear medicine for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer
  • Earn a full scholarship to Stanford University to pursue a Ph.D. in experimental high-energy physics

Preparation for Career

  • Graduates find jobs in a broad range of industries and governmental agencies.
  • Physics majors earn teacher licensure and encourage the next generation of scientists.