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Religion Programs

The Department of Philosophy and Religion offers a major and minor in religion, as well as a joint major in both philosophy and religion. Students interested in the study of religion may also look into the philosophy program.

Preprofessional Program in Church Leadership

Baker University offers a preprofessional program, Foundations in Church Leadership, that prepares students for church-related work and graduate training in church leadership.

Major in Religion

To complete a major in religion, a student must take 27 semester hours in religion courses (at least 15 hours among upper-college courses), including RE 450 Senior Project in Religion.

Supporting Coursework

Eighteen semester hours of supporting courses are required in two or more of these subjects: English literature, world languages literature, history, philosophy, psychology or sociology.

Combined Major in Philosophy & Religion

Students may choose to study philosophy and religion as a combined departmental major. The requirements for this combined departmental major are 30 semester hours (10 courses) of coursework in the department, including either PH 495 Senior Project in Philosophy or RE 450 Senior Project in Religion. At least 12 semester hours (four courses) must be taken in each subject, philosophy and religion. Close consultation with the student’s departmental advisor is required.

Minor in Religion

Students who wish to minor in religion must successfully complete 12 semester hours of coursework, three of which must be at the upper-college level.

This program information has been taken from the current College of Arts and Sciences catalog. This information is subject to change and is updated with each academic year.