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Religion Courses

RE 110 - The Torah / Introduction to the Old Testament (BS) 3 hrs.

The purpose of this course is to introduce the first five books of the Bible, including Israel’s foundation stories and God’s expectations of human beings. Other parts of the Bible (Old Testament) may be considered.

RE 120 - Introduction to the New Testament (BS) 3 hrs.

This course focuses on the Gospels and the letters of Paul. It includes an introduction to the culture and geography of the Eastern Roman Empire in the first century A.D., study of how the Gospels depict Jesus, and Paul as the first Christian theologian. Current controversial ethical issues receive attention.

RE 239 - Philosophy of Religion (RT) 3 hrs.

This course consists of the study of the major problems in the philosophy of religion, including the problem of evil, proofs for the existence of God, proofs for the immortality of the soul, the relation between faith and reason, the meaning of religious language, the relation of religion and ethics, and the nature of religious experience. (Cross-listed as PH 239.)

RE 270 - Religions of the World (HR) 3 hrs.

This course includes study of Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and other religions of China and Japan. Issues include the nature of God, ethical beliefs, and how each religion offers wisdom for living one’s life.

RE 280 - Foundations of Pastoral Identity 3 hrs.

This course explores various models and forms of ministry. Students examine their own lives in the church as persons of faith and their call to ministry. Attention is given to the formation of personal qualities necessary for a life of church leadership, including self-reflection skills, theological reflection, moral/ethical self-awareness, and spirituality. The course also helps students articulate their call and helps identify appropriate boundaries for professional conduct for clergy and lay leadership. A variety of contexts for ministry, which may include local churches, social service agencies, advocacy programs, and chaplaincy are examined.

RE 299 - Independent Study 1-3 hrs.

This opportunity is offered to superior students in religion who desire to study an area of religion not covered in catalog courses. Prerequisite: Department chair approval.

RE 310 - Christian Thought (RT) 3 hrs.

This course considers various topics in Christian theology: God, creation, sin, Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God, the Holy Spirit, the Church, scripture, and eternal life. Prerequisite: One course in religion.

RE 320 - Christian Ethics (RT, RC) 3 hrs.

This course approaches ethics from the perspective of Christian belief. It considers the moral principles that apply specifically to Christians and suggests ways in which these principles apply to situations. Themes or issues include the methods of ethics, scripture as a guide for ethics, Christian moral presumptions, and current controversial ethical issues. Prerequisite: One course in religion.

RE 328 - Christian History (RT, RC) 3 hrs.

This course focuses on the story of Christianity over its 2000-year history, with special attention to Christianity in Asia, African, and Latin America. (Cross-listed as HI 328.)

RE 340 - The Holocaust 3 hrs.

This course examines the Holocaust, or mass murder of European Jews and other ethnic groups, beginning with its context in modern European history and ending with testimony of survivors and the question of “Holocaust denial.” The approach is primarily historical, but theological questions are raised.

RE 363 - Religion, Ritual and Belief (RC) 3 hrs.

This course examines major contributions of the social scientist to the study of religious institutions, the various forms and social functions of religion, the structure of religious behavior and organization, and the relation between religious institutions and other social institutions. Prerequisite: SO 241, 242, or permission of instructor. (Cross-listed as SO 363.)

RE 450 - Senior Project 1-3 hrs.

Under the guidance of a religion faculty member, the student majoring in religion will write a paper demonstrating achievement of the goals of the major, namely, a scholarly and personal approach to the Bible, knowledge of Christian thought and history, and comparison of Christianity with other religions.

RE 295, 495 - Topics in Religion 3 hrs.

Periodically, special courses are offered which address specific topics in religion.

RE 499 - Independent Study 1-3 hrs.

This opportunity is offered to superior students in religion who desire to study an area of religion not covered in catalog courses. Prerequisite: Department chair approval.